What Types of Businesses Benefit from Projects in Monroe, Louisiana?

Businesses can take advantage of the lucrative tax incentives provided by both the federal government and the state of Louisiana. West Monroe is a small town with a population of 12,800, but it has all the amenities of a much larger city. It is an ideal place to live, work, and raise children. The land behind the Exhibition Center is available for industrial projects, and only those that create new high-paying jobs for the community will be considered.

The Gardner Denver industrial building was owned by the city of Monroe, so officials from both Monroe and the parish worked together to finance an 81,000-square-foot expansion at a discounted lease rate. The Louisiana Department of Economic Development (LED) sent its Business Expansion and Retention Group (BERG) to defend Louisiana's interests. This project will strengthen Louisiana and New Orleans' ties with Central America while improving shipping services between destinations. Joyce found herself working on several film and television projects in her Shreveport office with designer and special effects artist Brandon Oldenburg of Reel FX in Dallas.

She then moved her production services company to the InterTech Science Park in Shreveport. Lumen Technologies, formerly known as Century Link, is headquartered in Monroe and is one of the major employers in Northeast Louisiana. CSC has been supporting NASA projects since the dawn of the space race and continues to provide next-generation information technology services to a global clientele. The GTL complex will be entitled to the new payroll incentive for competitive projects in Louisiana, while the complex dedicated to ethane extraction will be entitled to the Quality Jobs Program for up to 10 years.

This project not only provided an economic boost for the residents of the New Orleans metropolitan area but also marked the continuous revitalization of the region and highlighted companies' trust in Louisiana's workforce and business climate. The LED estimates that this project will generate an additional 470 indirect jobs for a total of 541 new jobs. Businesses must submit advance notice along with a fee before contracting, purchasing, or beginning construction on a project. At the permanent headquarters of the Louisiana Digital Media Center, EA shares space with LSU's Center for Computation & Technology, a high-performance computing center dedicated to academic and business research, and with LSU's AVATAR digital media program which prepares students for the intersection of creativity and technology. The Louisiana Digital Media Center allows students to research and complete projects in virtual environments. The state of Louisiana offers benefits to businesses already located here as well as those considering moving here.

GE's reconfigured Digital Solutions Technology Center in New Orleans occupies 60,000 square feet of office space in New Orleans' central business district and is home to approximately 250 technology professionals. The company is expected to use Louisiana's industrial tax exemption and quality jobs programs when hiring employees and starting their capital project. Businesses can benefit from numerous opportunities available in Monroe, Louisiana. From tax incentives offered by both federal and state governments to industrial projects that create high-paying jobs for local communities, there are plenty of ways businesses can take advantage of this small town's resources. Companies can also benefit from LED's Business Expansion and Retention Group (BERG), which defends Louisiana's interests when it comes to economic development projects.

Additionally, businesses can take advantage of programs such as the Quality Jobs Program or industrial tax exemptions when hiring employees or starting capital projects.

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