Requirements for Participating in Projects in Monroe, Louisiana

The City of Monroe in Louisiana has established regulations known as the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance to ensure that municipal officials, officials and employees, whether remunerated or not, do not request or accept any loan, services, payments, entertainment and travel, travel for vacation or pleasure, gift of greater nominal value or gift of money in any amount from any person, society, association or corporation, or other business entity or representative of the same that does or seeks to do business with the City. This provision does not prohibit any City official, official, or employee who is a candidate for public office from accepting campaign contributions and services permitted by law in connection with such campaign. Any municipal official, official or employee, whether remunerated or not, who has a substantial financial interest in any contract with the City or in the sale of any land, material, supplies or services to the City must publicize that interest and be prohibited from voting or otherwise participating as a municipal official or employee in carrying out such sale. If a person deliberately conceals such a substantial financial interest or deliberately violates the requirements of this section they will be guilty of a violation of office or position and will lose the office or position.

Violation of this section with the express or implied knowledge of the person or corporation contracting or making a sale to the City will void the contract or sale. To promote integrity and accountability in municipal government, the first council elected under the provisions of this charter must prepare and adopt by ordinance a code of ethics that will apply to all officials, officials and employees of the City within one year after taking office. The code will be administered by a board created by the council with qualifications, terms of office, duties and powers established by ordinance. Board members will be appointed by the board and will not receive any compensation for their services.

The decisions of the board will be appealable to the courts. The procedures and deadlines for filing a petition to amend this charter and for determining its sufficiency and correctness shall be established in Section 6-01 (Initiative and Referendum). Within ten days after a request has been certified as sufficient and correct, the council must publish the proposed amendment or amendments in the City's official gazette. Proposals by the council to amend or repeal this charter shall be submitted for ratification to qualified city voters in an election already scheduled for other purposes; otherwise, in a special election called by the council.

Proposals submitted by petition to amend or repeal this charter will be submitted for ratification to qualified City voters in the next municipal election already scheduled for other purposes. The results will be determined by majority vote of those who vote on any particular proposal. Before it takes effect, any proposed personnel management system must be submitted by the mayor to the council for approval and adoption in an administrative code. No employee who holds a municipal position at the time this charter comes into full force and who holds that same or similar position at the time of its adoption must be subject to competitive testing as a condition of remaining in the same position.

In all other respects, such employee shall be subject to any personnel system adopted in accordance with this statute. Nothing in this statute shall prohibit the council from hiring an employee organization with respect to compensation, hours, complaints, working conditions, or other conditions of employment in a manner that is not inconsistent with this statute or any personnel management system adopted by the board. In order to recognize any negotiating agent or agents, an ordinance must be adopted specifying procedures for employee organizations seeking recognition as bargaining agent or agents; issues that are and are not subject to negotiation; and procedure to be followed in case of deadlock in negotiations. If there is a general law that defines such practices, then it can be complied with. On recommendation of mayor, council may recognize one or more negotiating agents.

All City negotiations with recognized negotiating agent must be conducted by mayor or person appointed by mayor. The requirements for participating in projects in Monroe are clear: all municipal officials must adhere to ethical standards set forth by city ordinances; all financial interests must be disclosed; all personnel management systems must be approved by city council; and all negotiations with recognized bargaining agents must be conducted through appointed representatives.

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